SARS Tax practitioner No: PR0029497 (old: PR762C997)

IRBA firm practice number: 903738    |    SAICA Registration number: 04923932

Auditing & Assurance

Expert Auditing & Assurance

We conduct a thorough examination of your financial statements and provide an unbiased opinion on their accuracy and compliance. We customise our procedures to address specific areas of concern, giving you targeted insights and valuable recommendations. Trust our expertise to ensure the integrity, transparency, and compliance of your financial information. 

External Audit

A comprehensive and independent examination of a company’s financial statements, accounting records, internal controls, and financial reporting practices, providing an objective assessment of the accuracy, completeness, and fairness of the financial information presented in the company’s financial statements.

Independent Review

A type of assurance engagement that provides limited assurance on the financial statements of an organisation. Unlike an External Audit, which involves an extensive examination of financial records, an Independent Review is less comprehensive and provides a moderate level of assurance.

Agreed Upon Procedures

This is a type of auditing and assurance service that involves performing specific procedures on financial information as agreed upon between the accountant and the client. Unlike an external audit, where the accountant provides an opinion on the overall financial statements, AUP engagements focus on specific areas or assertions that the client requests to be examined.

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